A Day in the Field: Charles de Jongh

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Charles de Jongh

Job Title

Sales Manager, Bathymetry

Office Location

Oslo, Norway

What do you do at Field?

As the Sales Manager for Bathymetry at Field, my primary focus is to promote and provide our cutting-edge airborne lidar bathymetry (ALB) services. Airborne lidar bathymetry is an innovative and efficient method for measuring water depths in coastal zones, rivers, and lakes. Traditionally, sonar equipment has been used for these purposes, but ALB technology offers a fast, accurate, and cost-effective alternative that is rapidly gaining traction worldwide.

The bathymetric data collected through our services is crucial for a variety of purposes, such as coastal zone management, flood mapping, and marine habitat mapping. With our advanced ALB sensor Field has successfully conducted surveys for clients all over the world. Our clientele mainly comprises government mapping authorities and organizations involved in water management.

My responsibilities include showcasing Field’s ALB services and technology at conferences, serving as the initial point of contact for both existing and potential clients, as well as composing and winning bids for ALB survey assignments.

How would you describe the culture at Field?

I would describe Field as a dynamic and solution-oriented company with a strong focus on innovation. Our team is always eager to find creative and effective ways to address our clients' needs.

How is Field different from other companies you’ve worked in?

Before joining Field, I worked for several years at a geospatial software company. Working at Field, I’m part of a company that provides survey services, which is a distinct role in the geospatial value chain.

What is your favorite thing about working at Field?

My favorite aspect of working at Field is the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology on a global scale, pushing the boundaries of the ALB market by offering solutions that truly benefit our clients and the environment.


E: charles.dejongh@fieldgeo.no

T: + 47 465 77 931


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