A Day in the Field: Airi Pajumaa

141022 - Career


Airi Pajumaa

Job title

Airborne Sensor Operator

Office location

Wherever the aircraft goes!

What do you do at Field? 

I work as a camera/LiDAR operator on board airplanes and helicopters. I start my working day usually with an early weather check to confirm that the team (the pilot and I) can head out to the project(s) we agreed on the evening before. If everything looks good then off we go, and we fly and capture data for as long as the weather allows – or until we run out of fuel! On different days we can expect all sorts of fun, from amazing office views to heavy turbulence for five hours straight.

Which of our four values (‘Caring, Curious, Credible, Competent’) is closest to your heart, and why?

All four values are important, but the closest to me is definitely Caring. I believe that all good things in life start with a drop of humanity and kindness. From there we can build and strengthen our bonds and cooperation by being curious, credible and competent. 

How is Field different to other companies you’ve worked in?

Everything is different, from the field we work in to the fact that Field is more international! My days are made more interesting by working in close (often one on one) teams with people from a variety of backgrounds with different personalities and values, and we make it work. I believe this helps us to grow into more considerate and tolerant people.

What is your favourite thing about working in Field?

The fact that my work takes me to different countries and places.

How can Field contribute to a more sustainable future?

A million dollar question! If we start with small things like reducing our consumption and reusing and recycling everything we can, then that’s a good first step and hopefully bigger things will follow.


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