A Day in the Field: Gunhild Mæhlum

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Gunhild Mæhlum

Job title

Business Development Manager – Road Infrastructure

Office location


What do you do at Field? 

My everyday tasks at Field are related to sales and project management, primarily with our mobile mapping solutions towards road infrastructure. I enjoy a good combination of external work with clients, and internal work with production follow up. Business and product development comes as a natural add-on, as both returning and new customers challenge us to continuously improve and develop. 

How would you describe the culture at Field? 

One of the things I appreciate is the informal, friendly atmosphere. There’s a strong team spirit, where “we” beat “I”, and where colleagues are happy to share their competence with others. 

Which of our 4 values (‘Caring, Curious, Credible, Competent’) is closest to your heart, and why?

Curious! When working closely with the clients, I find curiosity to be of great importance. To support our clients with the best possible products and solutions, it’s key to really understand how they work and the challenges they face. It’s also, for me personally, very rewarding to learn from other fields.

How is Field different to other companies you’ve worked in?

I have to say that our ‘toolbox’ or the breadth of competence we have at Field is quite unique. My technical background is from the field of geomatics, and I doubt I’d find such a large and strong academic environment elsewhere.     

What is your favourite thing about working in Field?

I truly believe in the products and solutions we offer, and that gives me so much joy and engagement in my work. That’s a must for me, but it wouldn’t be the same without my colleagues. 

How can we Field contribute to a more sustainable future?

Georeferenced data with high resolution and accuracy represents a huge potential in efficiency in management, operation, and maintenance. Reoccurring documentation can detect changes and faults on assets, giving our customers the insight to optimize their maintenance work.


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