A Day in the Field: Ourania Tsilomitrou

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Ourania Tsilomitrou

Job title

Software Engineer – Robotics



What do you do at Field? 

I work in the R&D department and am part of the Artificial Intelligence team, which is working on the integration of Machine Learning techniques for automatic fault detection on power grid images. Bug fixing and continuous improvements of our drone software is included in my responsibilities as well. A typical day includes stand-up meeting in the morning, focus on software implementation, and sync meetings with the team and the customer.

How would you describe the culture at Field?

As a company Field provides a wide range of services, and this entails the co-existence of different divisions, as well as the need for regular collaboration and communication between people with different expertise. But we all have a common goal: to deliver high quality results. Field has offices across Europe, and the company’s international profile also presents the challenge of intercultural understanding. Nonetheless, the company faces these changes and challenges head on, and builds a strong and united culture step by step. 

Which of our four values (‘Caring, Curious, Credible, Competent’) is closest to your heart, and why?

I would say I am somewhere in between Curiosity and Competency. Curiosity for me is the first step towards becoming Competent. We need to have our antennas extended in order to perceive changes, sense trends, understand needs, and grab the opportunities that arise around us. All this reminds us not to be complacent and drives us to bring the best of ourselves – to investigate, learn, contribute, apply cutting-edge technology, strive for improvements, and chart the path towards Competency.

How is Field different to other companies you’ve worked in?

My background is in academic research. Transitioning to R&D in industry has meant having to align with an enterprise’s culture, market goals, demand for high credibility of the delivered systems and software, and tighter time frames.

What is your favourite thing about working in Field?

My favourite thing in Field is that I gain knowledge in various interdisciplinary fields, since I not only collaborate with colleagues of different educational backgrounds and experience, but I also get to witness the development of teams that I do not work with, or even managers’ decision-making processes, which I find particularly insightful. 

How can Field contribute to a more sustainable future?

The key is to listen to our colleagues and customers, understand their needs, take into account our impact on society, be insightful when making decisions, be creative when implementing these decisions, be responsible when the solutions are applied, and take into account all feedback in a constructive way. 


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