A Day in the Field: Steffen Solberg

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Steffen Solberg

Job title

Systems Architect

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What do you do at Field? 

I am involved in new product development processes and continuous improvements here at Field, and I contribute heavily towards the Drone and Unmanned Payload systems. My multi-disciplinary role allows me to come in contact with everything from mechanical assemblies, to sensor systems. A large part of my time goes towards designing and testing the next generation of fully electric unmanned aerial vehicles.

How would you describe the culture at Field? 

Competent and really caring. The team supports each other, and in my opinion, we have extremely high talent retention. Get-togethers outside of work are quite typical, and it really feels like one big family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Which of our four values (‘Caring, Curious, Credible, Competent’) is closest to your heart, and why?

That would definitely have to be Curious for me. I’ve always been extremely passionate and interested in understanding how things work. My dad was probably the first to pick this up, when I dismantled his audio amplifier at age 10. Since my youth I have been tinkering with all sorts of technologies – I’ve hosted Linux servers, coded websites, modified cars and motorcycles, created autonomous underwater vehicles/robots (at university), and now I work with drones and sensor systems. What a great way to get to try a little bit of everything, keeping my adventurous brain in check.

How is Field different to other companies you’ve worked in?

Even as the company has been rapidly growing, there is still a sense of being a small and efficient company. Business processes are rapid with minimal bureaucracy. Short decision lines and flat hierarchy, with a can-do attitude.

What is your favourite thing about working in Field?

The company has a culture of trying new things, and not giving up immediately. Us engineers are encouraged to figure out new ideas, or technologies – be it production methods, or concepts.

How can Field contribute to a more sustainable future?

I believe that by using drones for critical infrastructure inspections, we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in society, by reducing the use of polluting helicopters. Furthermore, we’re moving towards a world where our digital twins represent the current state of things for building sites, cities, power grids, pipelines, just to name a few. Planning processes can be improved, and there can be reduced site visits for checking up on the progress of a project, leading to a more efficient society in general. 


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