How we work with the Norwegian Transparency Act

Field is dedicated to maintaining transparency and conducting due diligence assessments in compliance with the Act on Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions. This commitment reflects our dedication to upholding fundamental human rights and promoting fair working conditions within our operations. Through transparency and diligent assessments, we aim to ensure accountability and contribute to the overall improvement of human rights and working conditions.

Effective from 1st July 2022, the Transparency Act aims to uphold fundamental human rights and ensure fair working conditions. It promotes transparency and accountability in the operations of larger companies, including Field. This law applies to approximately 9,000 Norwegian companies.

Under the Transparency Act, companies are obligated to provide information and conduct due diligence assessments aligned with the OECD guidelines for multinational corporations. Implementing the Transparency Act aligns with our long-term strategy to enhance sustainability and promote fair working conditions.

At Field, we prioritize the integration of human rights considerations in our operations and collaborations. We take proactive measures to uphold human rights, such as providing fair wages and ensuring regulated working hours for our employees. Our commitment extends to our suppliers, where we strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy against child labor.

As part of our commitment to comply with the obligations outlined in the law, Field conducts surveys and risk assessments of our own operations as well as those of our suppliers. This ongoing process ensures that we identify and address any potential risks or negative impacts on basic human rights and decent working conditions.

In line with the requirements of the law, we prepare an annual due diligence assessment report as outlined in § 5. This report provides a comprehensive overview of our company’s organization, operating areas, guidelines, and routines pertaining to the management of actual and potential negative consequences on human rights and working conditions. It serves as transparent documentation of our efforts to mitigate risks and promote a responsible and ethical business environment. 

To ensure accountability and transparency, we have established adequate reporting procedures. These procedures allow for identifying and reporting any violations or concerns related to human rights. 

Additionally, we have ethical requirements in place that apply to both our employees and partners, ensuring that everyone involved upholds the highest ethical standards.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding Field’s work with due diligence assessments and our commitment to transparency and, please feel free to reach out to us at

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