Field is a European leader in digital reality services. We're on a mission to empower the builders of the world, giving them the data and insights needed to build and maintain a better tomorrow.
Field has many years of experience inspecting critical infrastructure throughout Europe and the USA. Our unique competency and our fleet of modern aircraft and sensors can meet even the most challenging project requirements.

Flight schedule

Flight operations schedule

Location / Lokasjon Week / Uke Status UAV - Flekkefjord W15-16 Done UAV - Farsund W17 Done UAV - Lyngdal W16/17 Done UAV - Lindesnes W17/18 Done UAV - Vennesla/Kristiansand W19 Done UAV - Lillesand/Birkenes W20 Done UAV - Grimstad W21 Done UAV - Risør/Vegårshei/Gjerstad W22 Done UAV - Åmli/Froland (Nord)/Birkenes W23 Done UAV - Evje/Åseral W24 Done UAV - Bygland/Valle W25 Done UAV - Flekkefjord/Kvinesdal W26 Done UAV - Kvinesdal/Hægebostad/Nord-Lindesnes/Nord-Lyngdal W27 Done UAV - Hægebostad, lyngdal (nord) og Lindesnes(Byremo/Bjelland) W28 Done UAV - Bykle/Valle W29 Done UAV - Melhus, Trondheim, Malvik, Åsnes, Grue and Kongsvinger W36 Done UAV - Melhus, Trondheim, Malvik, Åsnes, Grue and Kongsvinger W37 Done

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Drone operations

Stian Helgesen

Flight Operations Manager UAS


Kjell Fuglestad

VP Quality & Safety


Tormod Jensen

Field Aviation CEO


Samantha Alfheim

Head of Corporate Communication




Why inspect critical infrastructure?

The world's critical infrastructure – road, rail, energy, water – is aging fast. The demand for these is increasing year on year, but decades of wear and tear have left huge maintenance responsibilities. At the same time, global warming and extreme weather are taking their toll. Field’s inspection data and insights help our customers maintain essential infrastructure and boost efficiency and reliability.


Why use drones (UAV)?

Drones (UAV) inspect critical infrastructure in a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way than conventional aircraft. Our all-electronic drones require no liquid fuel. Our drones are also very quiet. Animals remain calm when drones pass overhead, and our drone operations rarely impact nearby residents.


Where do you operate from?

Established in Norway, Field has been a trusted supplier of aerial surveying services since the 1950s. We have offices in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Finland and the United States. You can read more about Field and our locations here: https://field.group/about/


Do you represent a company?

Field is an independent technology company trusted by public and private organisations throughout Europe and internationally. We are hired to gather and process data on critical infrastructure in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way.


Why are you flying near my property?

We gather and process data above critical infrastructure, such as power lines, and are only interested in the condition of the infrastructure and the surrounding vegetation. We do our best to avoid flying over private property.


What about my privacy?

We care about your privacy and strive never to fly above private property or people. Data gathered by our drones is stored securely. Field is ISO 27001 certified, which means we meet the strictest international data privacy and security standards. You can read our privacy policy here: https://field.group/privacy-policy/


Why have I not been notified?

The companies that hire Field are responsible for notifying residents about nearby drone activity. We list our drone activity on this website page and inform the appropriate airspace authority at least 12 hours before operation. You can view our flight schedule above and the airspace plan here: https://notaminfo.com/norwaymap


Are drone infrastructure inspections legal?

Yes, the Field aviation team are certified to conduct drone operations. Our drone operators are experienced and trusted professionals committed to safety and privacy.

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