Drone operations

Field's complete drone aerial inspection and analysis solution offers many benefits, including more consistent data capture, reduced time from data capture to actionable insights, safer and more efficient operations, and a reduced carbon footprint. 


High-performance drones

Field’s Explorer drones are developed in-house and tailor-made for linear infrastructure inspection. Our drones require no liquid fuel and have high-resolution LiDAR cameras and advanced navigation systems that capture detailed information about the area they fly over. The captured data is post-processed using our proprietary software, TerraPos, to create accurate maps and 3D models.

 Quick and easy mission planning

Field’s Flight Maker software is an interface that prepares beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions from start to finish. The software allows safe planning based on determined criteria for the flight, such as height above ground, distance, and obstacle clearance. The software quickly identifies mission status, available missions, and relevant information regarding the overall mission planning process. 

 Flight control and seamless integration

Field’s Flight Control software, FieldOps, is a web-based software customized for linear and aerial inspections. It supports fleet operations and project and data handling, promoting quality assurance and complete data delivery. Our processing services deliver post-processing and create customer products such as terrain models and vegetation encroachment analysis. These analyses are displayed on Field’s proprietary software, Grid Analytics and Mapspace, delivering customers with easy-to-understand maps and 3D data.


Tormod Jensen

Field Aviation CEO

+ 47 901 25 387

Field Aviation

Established in 1985, Field Aviation (Blom Aviation AS) is an airline with special expertise in collecting data from aircraft and drones. Our fleet consists of specially equipped aircraft where different sensor systems can be installed. Our pilots have extensive expertise and experience, ensuring efficient and safe operations for our customers. We are based at Rakkestad Airport, Norway. Explore more Field Aviation and Aerial Surveying services below.

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