The world's critical infrastructure – road, rail, energy, water – is aging fast. The demand for these is increasing year on year, but decades of wear and tear have led to huge maintenance backlogs which have left governments and societies reactive, instead of one step ahead. At the same time, global warming and extreme weather are taking its toll.
Field believes that developing more sustainable solutions for the future while protecting the environment is our most urgent responsibility. Our employees, customers and investors all deserve that we do business and make decisions in a way that has a positive impact on our society and on the environment.

Our commitment

We are committed to making a difference and serving our planet with efficient and sustainable solutions.

The increased incidence of wildfires is a global threat. Our forests are a vital natural resource for many reasons. Trees aren’t just a source of recyclable material; they are important for nature’s biodiversity and for CO2 capture. The insights we provide to our customers can prevent wildfires from occurring in the first place.

Asset management across industries and nature preservation on land and shore will also face a technology transformation. We have taken a stand to offer groundbreaking services here as well, so that we can give society a better tomorrow.

We know we can deliver on these promises, because at Field we have decades of industry experience under our belts, and we work hard to develop cutting-edge technology that combines software, sensors and artificial intelligence. A new era of efficient and sustainable solutions awaits us.

Our goal

Helping our customers look forward instead of focusing on repairing the past

Our values are tools to drive innovation, new solutions and quality throughout our value chain. We believe that new, brilliant ideas will surface where there is a culture for exploring different perspectives. This can only be achieved when we value a diverse workforce and create safe space for everyone to speak their minds to cultivate creativity and innovation.
If new and different ideas are met with curiosity, we believe that we can tap into the collective knowledge and insights of our customers and employees, and together make great things happen. We will celebrate the innovation of today, while keeping an open mind about what can be discovered tomorrow.

Guided by our values and driven by green technology.

Our values



We are here for the people who build our world, and our world grows where we go. We encourage each other to take ownership, helping each other make our customers better. So they can make our futures better – and the world we live in more sustainable.



To understand what the world needs now – and in the future – we keep asking why. To make sure we choose the best path forward, we listen to everyone’s ideas, encouraging critical thinking. We challenge each other and our customers, always exploring new ways to improve.



We deliver on time, as promised, and make sure to do our very best, every day. Building trust requires transparency, high ethical standards, and consistency in everything we do and say. To make a positive impact, we need to stay honest and accountable – to practise what we preach.



Our services are state-of-the-art, and we have a high level of expertise at every level. We always bring our best selves to the table and constantly strive to do better and know more, so that we can keep delivering the highest possible quality across all services. We work together – towards a common goal.

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