Precise leveling 

Leveling determines the height of one level relative to another — critical when laying out or measuring buildings, other built assets and landscapes.


Our specialists conduct level networks and precision level networks on every scale.

Our team works closely with our customers to confirm the execution of the assignment and the location of measuring points in advance.

We use the most appropriate instruments for the task, providing the necessary precision for the project. Our results are submitted in tabular form or a format that can be imported into our customer’s GIS solution.

Get in touch

Oslo, Norway

Laurentiu Jisa

+47 406 16 934

Bergen, Norway

Sven Bratland

+47 474 07 550

Stavanger, Norway

Dagfinn Solvik-Olsen

+ 47 930 48 141

Trondheim, Norway

Endre Kvam Leraand

+ 47 924 33 541


Victor Kvarnström

+46 (0)70 249 51 74


Lasse Turunen

+35 850 491 5180

Land Surveying

Land surveying plays a critical role in the planning and execution phase for most infrastructure and construction projects worldwide. Land surveying ensures the accuracy between digital models and the physical world. The land surveying technique determines the accurate geographical three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. Our team has extensive experience delivering land surveying services for governments, businesses, and private individuals, predominantly throughout Norway but also in Sweden and Finland. Explore more Field Land Surveying services below.

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