A Day in the Field: Tobias Jokisch

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Tobias Jokisch

Job title

Senior Geophysicist

Office location

Oslo, Norway

What do you do at Field?

I lead all geophysical operations. That includes everything from marketing, R&D and tendering to project execution.

How would you describe the culture at Field?

People in Field are generally very pragmatic and solution-oriented. Surveying provides challenges every day and the focus is on how these can be solved for the customers benefit.

How is Field different from other companies you’ve worked in?

Even though Field is one of the largest surveying companies in Norway, it is much smaller than my previous company. Still we’re offering a variety of mapping services and I learn a lot from my colleagues who have different backgrounds than me.

What is your favorite thing about working at Field? 

That is hard to answer! Firstly, I value the company’s network, the expertise in surveying and the desire to be at the forefront of technology. Personally, I am grateful for the freedom I’ve been given: to develop new products in the field of geophysics, to define the way we run projects and deliver our products. I like the combination of office and fieldwork.

Contact Tobias: tobias.joksch@field.group.


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