Technical follow-up

Field Aviation holds European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part CAMO approval for controlled maintenance follow-up of EASA registered aircraft operating for both commercial and private operations.

Part CAMO is a regulation introduced by EASA to oversee and manage the continuing airworthiness of aircraft. Field Aviation has Part CAMO responsibility for Norwegian aircraft operators and Part CAMO responsibility for flights outside Europe, with active maintenance contracts with Part-145 organizations in Norway and throughout Europe.

Key features of Part CAMO are airworthiness management, reliability monitoring, maintenance planning, technical records management, and airworthiness reviews. We take care of all technical follow-ups of planes according to the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance program. We also have the technical expertise to conduct courses on aircraft that are within the company’s Part CAMO approval.

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Field Aviation Managing Director

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Field Aviation

Established in 1985, Field Aviation (Blom Aviation AS) is an airline with special expertise in collecting data from aircraft and drones. Our fleet consists of specially equipped aircraft where different sensor systems can be installed. Our pilots have extensive expertise and experience, ensuring efficient and safe operations for our customers. We are based at Rakkestad Airport, Norway. Explore more Field Aviation and Aerial Surveying services below.

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