UAV powerline inspection

Field is a leader in large-scale powerline inspections in Europe and the United States, having flown over 130 000 miles with our Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone systems over the past four years. With the ability to fly to hard-to-reach locations and capture high-resolution imagery and high-quality laser data, our drones provide a sustainable, safe and efficient alternative to traditional inspection methods.

Powerline inspection

Traditionally, powerline inspections were done manually, which was time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often resulted in inaccurate data. Drones have revolutionized power grid inspections.

Our ultramodern drones quickly scan large volumes, significantly reducing the time needed for inspections and the risk to workers. The captured images are analyzed with our AI-based software for signs of damage or wear, helping to identify problems quickly and accurately. Our drones also have thermal imaging cameras that can detect hot spots within a power grid.

Our all-electric drones are very quiet and require no liquid fuel, making them an environmentally-friendly way to conduct infrastructure inspections.

Using drones in powerline inspections and corridor mapping increases safety and helps identify and address problems more quickly, improving reliability and reducing downtime.

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Aerial Surveying

Field has a history of aerial surveying dating back to the 1950s. We offer high-quality sensor services that deliver accurate data for digital products and decision making. Our unique competency and our fleet of ultramodern aircraft and sensors can meet even the most challenging project requirements. We have our own line of unmanned aerial surveying systems and also partner with local service providers worldwide. Explore more Field Aerial Surveying services below.

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