Corridor mapping

Field captures high-quality laser data and aerial images for corridor mapping, accurately mapping linear infrastructure such as roads, pipelines, railways, and powerlines.

Corridor inspection

Field uses airplanes and helicopters, and drones through UAV inspection partners, to collect information along critical infrastructure. Our high-resolution lidar cameras and advanced navigation systems capture detailed information about the area we fly over. We then process this data to create accurate maps and 3D models.

Our specialist team can produce many different analyses based on the information collected, such as determining the risk of trees falling onto powerlines and identifying the height of an individual tree stand. These advanced analyses help identify risks, optimize maintenance, and prepare vegetation-clearing plans.

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Aerial Surveying

Field has a history of aerial surveying dating back to the 1950s. We offer high-quality sensor services that deliver accurate data for digital products and decision making. Our unique competency and our fleet of ultramodern aircraft and sensors can meet even the most challenging project requirements. We have our own line of unmanned aerial surveying systems and also partner with local service providers worldwide. Explore more Field Aerial Surveying services below.

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