Land acquisition

Our specialists have extensive experience in acquiring land and rights for public and private developers. We undertake the acquisition of all types of properties and property rights throughout Norway.  

Land aquisition

We negotiate with landowners, prepare and conclude agreements, and arrange for the property or property right to be transferred to the developer. We have experience with land and rights acquisition for roads, railways, power lines, airports, water and sewer lines, development areas and smaller private projects. 

Our land surveyors can load W-drawings into Field’s proprietary software, MapSpace, for use in meetings with landowners and the client. The W-drawings, together with orthophotos and the possibility of drawing and measuring in the map, will give the landowners a better understanding of the acquisition. W-drawings and signed agreements can always be made available in the customer’s map system via WMS or other formats. 

In addition to having land acquisition expertise, we have a large cadastral department with many surveyors, several of whom are also cadastral surveyors. This seamless, complete service offers great value to the client and the supplier. 

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Ivar Hebnes

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Nils Evald Loftesnes

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Land & Property Consultancy

Field’s land and property specialists provide services in the cadaster, land acquisition and building application services. Our customers are mostly government departments and municipalities. We have a highly skilled team ready to help you with cadastral services in Norway. Explore more services below.

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