Property consultancy

Our specialist team provides property consultancy services to landowners and property developers in Norway. Typical services are applications for sectioning and subdividing properties, building applications, applications for dispensations from the building law and appeals against decisions in building matters. 

Property consultancy

Real estate law raises many questions and sometimes creates demanding challenges, not only for the person who is going to build but also the nearest neighbor. Building a structure, such as a residential building or a floating jetty, requires knowledge of the possibilities and limitations that apply to the project in question.  

Our property consultancy specialists have extensive experience in municipal and state case management and are familiar with public processes. Our services include:

  • exemption applications
  • appeals against decisions
  • building applications
  • sectionalization
  • applications for division
  • area transfer
  • land transfer


Do you have a property that you want to develop? Do you want to buy a larger additional area from your neighbor? Should the boundary with your neighbor be adjusted? Get in touch. We have a specialist team ready to help.

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Ivar Hebnes

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Land & Property Consultancy

Field’s land and property specialists provide services in the cadaster, land acquisition and building application services. Our customers are mostly government departments and municipalities. We have a highly skilled team ready to help you with cadastral services in Norway. Explore more services below.

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