Atlas software offers users an advanced but simple field survey tool. Atlas is used for creating documentation tools for large-scale field inventory work. It was inspired by the idea of dataset sharing, with an administrative workspace sharing parts with personnel working in the field.


Atlas is a hardware-independent web-based application that automatically syncs between any of your devices. Geospatial data flows seamlessly between the field and the office and is also accessible when offline in the field.

Atlas revolves around the map, and the tool is simple and intuitive to use in the field but with advanced background functionality back in the office. It allows administrators to spatially control who can view, edit, and access specific data. The admin user can see it all and choose which part the specific user or group of users can see, supporting effective large-scale project management.

Atlas ensures data is accurately collected with logical verifications and safely backed up with immediate and autonomous synchronization.



Johan Vestin

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