Mapspace is a geospatial web portal that allows the user to use orthophotos, oblique images, street views and point clouds for mapping and analysis. It is divided into several modules — supporting different types of data: ortho, oblique, 360 panoramas and 3D point cloud. Mapspace also provides several advanced applications and functionalities across the different viewing modules.


Map & Oblique Viewer

Mapspace Map & Oblique Viewer allows users to search, navigate, combine, compare and extract information in several ways. The responsive design means you can display ortho and oblique in single or multi-view, load and view WMS/WMTS services and vector data as overlays.

360 View

Mapspace 360 View is a complete panorama viewer for images from a car, drone or classic terrestrial sensors. Display your 360 images synchronized with ortho/map, oblique imagery, and vector map data in multi-view, and load and view vector data as overlays.

3D View

Mapspace 3D View is a responsive 3D viewer for laser scanning (LiDAR) and 3D mesh models. It fast-streams LiDAR data, including laser classification features and RGB coloring. Explore your 3D data in single or synchronized multi-view with other data sources. Get insight into different locations with high-detailed 3D mesh models in urban and rural areas.


Mapspace offers complete integration of other services through WMS/WMTS. This service provides an internal WFS for hosting and viewing vector data and full support for displaying various analysis data — road surface condition and vegetation distance, for example — which is ideal for asset management. Mapspace also integrates into other web solutions using simple URL access or more sophisticated API connections.

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