Digital twins & 3D models

Field can develop and deliver a comprehensive digital twin solution using a range of ultramodern sensors, including unmanned drones with laser and image capture, airborne lidar and image sensors, mobile mapping sensors, 360-degree street views, terrestrial laser scanning, and indoor laser scanning.

Digital twins & 3D-models

By using this diverse range of sensors, we can create detailed 3D models customized to the level of detail desired by our customers.  

The digital twin is centralized in our cloud-based multidata viewer, Mapspace, allowing customers to interact, edit, and add information to their existing data within the same platform as their newly acquired data.

This solution provides an efficient and comprehensive approach to managing and analyzing large amounts of data, giving organizations a better understanding of their assets and enabling informed decision-making. 

With our cutting-edge technology and range of sensors, we can deliver a digital twin solution that truly adds value for our customers. 

3D model based on airborne laser data and textured with high-resolution oblique photo.

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Mapping & Modelling

Field offers a broad set of geospatial mapping and data services such as urban and corridor mapping services, remote-sensing based forest inventory and location-based services. We are living in a digital world, where digital model of physical assets is the standard. Design, construction and maintenance are done in 3D, which saves costs and increases efficiency. We have extensive experience processing geospatial data into 3D models of cities, infrastructure, buildings, terrain, and seabed. Explore more Field Mapping & Modelling services below.

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