Point clouds

A point cloud is a digital 3D representation of a physical object or space made of millions of individual measurement points. It can be used for many purposes including monitoring and analyzing roads, power lines and forestry.

Point clouds

A point cloud is a versatile product that can be classified in many ways. One example of a common product is a ground classified point cloud to form an accurate terrain model.

Other popular classifications can include buildings, bridges, road, rail, snow, vegetation, overhead power lines, electrical installations, large rocks, and water. The point cloud can be used for various analyses, such as analyzing trees that may potentially fall on power lines or road surface quality.  

A classified point cloud can also be used for different kinds of modelling. The classification itself is firstly done automatically in special software, followed by manual editing and quality control to ensure the best quality possible. 

Airborne data capture, RGB point cloud, laser scanning

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