Ultrasonic scanning 

Concrete is a core material used in many infrastructure projects, such as buildings, bridges and tunnels. Assessing its condition is crucial to ensure quality and safety throughout the life of an asset.  

Ultrasonic scanning

Ultrasonic scanning can be used to easily identify areas of delamination, air pockets and voids. And the concrete back wall can be mapped seamlessly, providing ultimate slab thickness quality control. 

In addition to ground penetrating radar (GPR), the ultimate rebar structure mapping tool, our specialists use ELOP Insight — the world’s first rolling ultrasonic scanning solution.

It is now possible to inspect larger areas or get detailed images for smaller patches. We can simply and accurately reveal the internal state of concrete structures, giving immediate and actionable insight.


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Mobile Mapping & Geophysics

With laser scanners mounted on a car, we can acquire millions of points per second. This very detailed point cloud is used for creating 3D vector models and it is a basis for producing a TIN-model for advanced applications. At the same time with scanning, images and video can be captured. The images are 360-degree street view imagery that can be accessed and used in a separate web viewer, Mapspace. We can also collect information about road conditions and map utilities, groundwater and bedrock using ground penetrating radar. Explore more Field Mobile Mapping & Geophysical Services below.

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