UAV powerline inspection

Field is a leader in large-scale powerline inspections in Europe and the United States, having flown over 130 000 miles with our Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone systems over the past four years. With the ability to fly to hard-to-reach locations and capture high-resolution imagery and high-quality laser data, our drones provide a … Continued

Cadastral surveys

Field conducts cadastral services on behalf of municipalities and private individuals, documenting the boundaries of land ownership in Norway. We also produce the required documents and maps. Our services are always according to frame agreements with municipalities or the state. 

Property consultancy

Our specialist team provides property consultancy services to landowners and property developers in Norway. Typical services are applications for sectioning and subdividing properties, building applications, applications for dispensations from the building law and appeals against decisions in building matters. 

Land acquisition

Our specialists have extensive experience in acquiring land and rights for public and private developers. We undertake the acquisition of all types of properties and property rights throughout Norway.  


Atlas software offers users an advanced but simple field survey tool. Atlas is used for creating documentation tools for large-scale field inventory work. It was inspired by the idea of dataset sharing, with an administrative workspace sharing parts with personnel working in the field.

Forest inventory

Field has extensive experience with remote sensing-based forest inventory. Combining aerial LiDAR data and imagery with field measurements, we can provide accurate and cost-effective inventory results over large areas. Typical variables include tree height, species, diameter, growing stock, and carbon stock. Using time series, we can also estimate site index, cutting class, and age.


LiDAR point clouds and multispectral imagery contain vast information, and we have the expertise and tools to unlock this. We use several methods depending on the application, such as state-of-the-art deep learning methods to detect objects in imagery.   


Field specializes in all types of mapping — including mapping using photogrammetric methods with images taken from airborne cameras and mapping based on laser data collected with air or ground-based laser. We offer value from beginning to end: from planning and executing data capture to processing georeferenced products such as vertical images, mapping/updating, terrain models, … Continued

Point clouds

A point cloud is a digital 3D representation of a physical object or space made of millions of individual measurement points. It can be used for many purposes including monitoring and analyzing roads, power lines and forestry.

Terrain models 

An accurate and reliable terrain model is valuable when designing new infrastructure, including roads, railways, and powerlines, and can be used to calculate mass transfers and costs associated with this between the builder and the contractor. 

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